Is Avast VPN worth buying in 2021?

Avast VPN problems
Avast VPN problems

Avast is not the only antivirus, it is a major cybersecurity company that tries to provide its customers with protection both in the device and on the expanses of the Internet. In this article, we will talk about Avast Secureline VPN and consider all its strengths and weaknesses, define its features and decide: is it worth buying Avast VPN in 2021.

What makes Avast VPN unique?

In today’s world, the market offers many VPNs to choose from and it’s very hard to find one that would have unique distinctive features from others, but Avast VPN manages to impress users: 

  • Avast Secureline offers a free trial period of its services for 7 days – during this time users will be able to test the VPN and decide if it is suitable for them without paying and losing money
  • Unique Smart VPN mode – this feature automatically optimizes the speed of your Internet connection and eliminates the need to actively manage your VPN connection. So the program can decide when the VPN service is needed, for example, when it detects that the user is using public Wi-Fi, it turns on automatically and protects your connection. It also chooses the fastest server to connect to, and if the VPN connection is interrupted unexpectedly, the program also slows down the Internet and restores its speed as soon as it becomes safe
  • Avast Group – you can trust the professionalism of this company because it has a big 30 years of experience and provides the best support, quality service, and smooth connection. 

Security and Privacy

Below you’ll find out what level of security Avast VPN provides its users: 

  • OpenVPN and OpenSSL became the basis for this software, which still causes heated discussions: is it good or bad? The main advantage can be considered that since the program is based on a verifiable protocol, then Avast VPN problems such as adding “homemade” code to the system and spoiling personal data will not arise
  • Highly secure encryption – Avast uses only the most powerful encryption methods, like many other VPNs. This is now considered the norm rather than a feature
  • Integrated protection against DNS leakage -it prevents your Internet Service Provider from monitoring your traffic and actions on the Internet
  • Privacy Policy – Avast VPN cares about your data protection that’s why it doesn’t record and store your IP and traffic data on its servers 

Should I choose Avast VPN?

Like all programs, Avast VPN has its strengths and weaknesses and depending on what you’re looking for, your answer to this question will depend. 

When summarizing, we can highlight the pros and cons: 

  • Avast VPN is a simple, inexpensive, and reliable VPN for home or small business use
  • The product is released by an experienced, large company and is trustworthy
  • If you use other Avast programs, you can improve the performance of your system
  • But if you prefer complete anonymity or if you are a more advanced user with higher demands, then Avast VPN is not the right one for you.